Apprenticeships in Reidsville, NC

Many companies that are producing advanced products on a national and global level call Reidsville, NC, and Rockingham County home. These companies offer exciting career opportunities for employees who have specialized skills, and a number of them are training students for these careers through apprenticeship. 

Rockingham Apprenticeship and Technical Opportunities Partnership offers high school students in the Reidsville and Rockingham County area an opportunity to learn advanced skills, jump start a promising career, and earn a college degree at no cost. 

High school juniors and seniors from Rockingham County public, private, charter, or home schools can apply for the program if they meet apprenticeship requirements

Learn why a growing number of Reidsville area students are applying for an apprenticeship and explore program advantages that parents also appreciate

Career Pathways for Reidsville Area Students

Students in the apprenticeship program are using engineering, electronics, blueprints, and other advanced processes to create precise and exceptional products.  A few of the career pathways include:

  • Robotics
  • CNC Machining 
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical

An increasing number of companies in the Rockingham County area are participating in the program. Discover the companies offering apprenticeships.

Get Paid and Earn a College Degree with No Debt

Apprentices get paid for learning on the job and are able to earn an associate degree from Rockingham Community College at no cost. All tuition, books, and fees are covered for apprentices. 

Students split time between working at their apprenticeship position and taking classes. Mentors guide students on the job as they learn valuable skills, and apprenticeship coordinators help apprentices navigate community college registration and more. Read more about how students earn and learn.

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Cities We Serve

Students from throughout Rockingham County are earning and learning in the apprenticeship program. This includes students in the following cities and towns:











If you are a student living in another county surrounding the Reidsville area, you can explore apprenticeships through other local programs.

Guilford County

Alamance County

Randolph County

Forging Partnerships that Benefit the Reidsville Community

Organizations throughout the Reidsville area realize the value of apprenticeship to our community and have worked to make the program possible. The Reidsville Chamber of Commerce, Rockingham County Center for Economic Development, Small Business & Tourism, Rockingham County Schools, and Rockingham Community College are all devoted to working with students and area companies to help the next generation of employees gain valuable skills. In turn, that helps keep the Reidsville and Rockingham County workforce and area companies competitive. 

Learn more about the benefits of apprenticeship for companies.

Is Apprenticeship a Good Fit for You?

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