RockATOP Teach Program Details

RockATOP Teach Apprentice

RockATOP Teach is a 2-3 year Teacher Assistant Apprenticeship Opportunity in Rockingham County Schools*.

(*Additional opportunities/employers will be added as other agencies join. This is slightly different than RockATOP Manufacturing in several ways, so please pay attention to the information below.)

Program Details

Students who are invited to participate in RockATOP Teach will:

*Work approximately 20 hours/week at sponsor location (Teacher Assistants with Rockingham County Schools through RockATOP Teach will not be required to drive a bus)

*Take classes full time at Rockingham Community College in the Associate in Arts in Teacher Preparation or Associate in Science in Teacher Preparation

*Students will earn the following pay sale for time on the job and time in class while in the program: Year 1: $15/hour; Year 2: $15.06/hour; Year 3: $15.12/hour

*RCC Tuition, books, and fees will be covered by the Sponsor (i.e. Rockingham County Schools).

*Individuals who are invited to sign as a Registered Apprentice through RockATOP Teach will be eligible to participate in the RockATOP Signing Ceremony in August.

*Participants who successfully complete all on-the-job training hours and all requirements for the Associate Degree will complete the Registered Apprenticeship program and be eligible to participate in the RockATOP Graduation in August.


*Rockingham County, NC High School Senior

*2.8 unweighted GPA (if under 2.8, please obtain letter of recommendation from principal, counselor, or teacher)

* 5 or fewer absences/year of high school (if more than 5 absences/year, please explain in your application)

*Have completed or are currently enrolled in one of the following: 1. Teaching as a Profession II Field Experience (pre-requisite of Teaching as a Profession I). 2. EDU 216 or 187 in an RCC CCP Teacher Prep Pathway. 3. Career and Technical Education Internship in the Education Career Pathway.

*Eligible to work in NC

*Eligible to attend RCC in an AA/AS field

*Reliable transportation to and from school/work

*Ability to begin program June 2025

RockATOP Teach Pay Scale

Apprentice YearClasses, Work, TrainingPay
Year 1Summer courses at RCC; begin work at Sponsor site August – July.
(Beginning August 2023, paid up to a total of 40 hours/week class time plus on-the-job experience)
Year 2Classes at RCC August – July and work at Sponsor site.
(Paid up to a total of 40 hours/week class time plus on-the-job experience.)
Year 3Classes at RCC (if needed) and work at Sponsor site.
(Paid up to a total of 40 hours/week class time (if applicable) plus on-the job experience.)
RockATOP Teach pay scale

How to Apply

Fill out the RockATOP Teach (Teacher Assistant Apprenticeship Program) Application (posted Nov. 2024).

Please be sure to include a valid parent/guardian email address and a valid CDC/Counselor email address for approval.

Application Deadline: TBD at 11:59pm

Application review will take place in March with successful applicants moving through to interviews in March/April.

Program will begin in June.

RockATOP Teach Application: Coming Nov. 2024

Participating Employers:

Rockingham County Schools

Questions? Reach out to